Beacon Street has told our last story!

  Bob has a new job. Several months ago, members of 
The Community of Saint Peter (CSP) approached Bob and asked him
to consider applying for the role of Pastor/Administrator for CSP. That
was a mammoth "call" for someone who was not looking for anything more 
than a few more years on the performing arts ministry trail in Northeast Ohio.

But Bob convened a committee of six to help discern how to respond. The committee
consisted of David and Sarah Kloos, and four friends who have known Bob for a 
combined 199 years. The conclusion was unanimous and enthusiastic. Bob applied and 
the Community accepted. He has been on the job for three months. So far, so good.

Rest assured that the stories are still being told. All of the skills Bob learned on the road
are being utilized on an unsuspecting Community of faithful. But our unique ministry 
will no longer be available to the many clients who called on us for nearly three decades.
That is regrettable, but the clients are talented too, and I am remain ready to offer
suggestions and stories and any other resource that you think I could sent your way.
Just ask ( The last Beacon newsletter is in the works. Look for it soon.

Gratitude is the word for the day. To co-founders Jean, Maria, Kim, and Steve. To former
staff (Jim Pipik, Marge Mackey, Barb Ballenger, Kathleen Slater, Pat Hannon, and Pam Kestner)
all current and former board members, to thousands of donors, to clients and friends everywhere.
Thank you. It was fun. It was good. It was gospel. Amen.

The Universe Bulletin, Diocese of Cleveland

Since 1988, a variety of Beacon Street faces have served northeastern Ohio churches, schools, libraries, and community organizations. Founded by volunteers, our nonprofit ministry has evolved over the years to respond to nearly 100 invitations annually to bring story and song, puppetry and mime, movement and magic to the eyes, ears, hearts, and hands of all who "come and see."

"Thanks to the Giant Eagle Foundation

for their continued financial support."


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