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 Full time artistic director and performer Bob Kloos sometimes remarks to clients at the end of a mutually satisfying program: "I get to do for these kids what I wish someone had done for me when I was in their shoes." School assemblies or all-day retreats need to keep moving without leaving anyone behind. Intergenerational sacramental programs need to inform and motivate while being sensitive to "the way we learned it" a couple decades ago. In-service days for teachers and volunteers have to respect the assembled knowledge and wisdom, all the while encouraging those present to be disciples and witnesses.

 Sometimes the challenge is to make the Good News sound good and new. Ours is not to rewrite the scriptures but to announce them in a way that engages, enlivens, and enthuses those "who have ears to hear." That allows for the goodness to emerge and the newness to take over.

 And over the years, more often than not, we have been called upon to help our audiences to be instruments of change in their school, church, home, and work environments. So we aim to teach, motivate, and support as much as possible, on site during the program, and even after the lights are out and everyone has gone home.

 Like most of the good people who call upon us, we are here for the long term. Perhaps our experience or vision will be of benefit to you. Take a walk through our pages here and see what we have been up to and how we propose to serve you. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, whether that means coming to your church or simply sharing what we know best.

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