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"We First" public schools


Gospel-based We First

Sometimes people want to know where we get some of our materials or they ask for a copy of a prayer, story, or rap. We are happy to help out where we can.

Peacock feathers

S. A. Feather Co. (Wholesale to parishes or nonprofits only)
5852 Enterprise Pkwy.
Fort Myers, FL 33905
$200 per 1,000 tails plus shipping

Mask Making

We can supply some instructions and cautions if you write and request. For a long time we have been using Gypsona S, Green Label, extra-fast drying plaster strips, 4 inches by 5 years long.

If you want to order a case of six boxes of 12 rolls each (about $17 per box), you can contact the manufacturer. A roll will make about 2.5 masks. You probably need to be a parish, school, or nonprofit to order direct. Otherwise, plaster bandages can be purchased at or ordered through some medical supply stores. We order cases from:

Nephew Smith
Charlotte, NC

Creative Hose Play

Used for games that foster cooperation as much as they cause frustration. These are cheap, fun to use, safe, and they look better in games than they would in a landfill. The waste hose comes from:

Hanesbrands, Inc. -- Waste Hose
Attn: Nancy Curry
936 Clark Road
Clarksville, AR 72830-3919

Send a check or money order for $20 for each box of approximately 240 single white hose. Make check payable to: "Hanesbrands" and mark it for "waste hose." They will send to anyone!

For some creative ideas and resources regarding hose play, visit the Bannerman Family web site at and follow your nose.


Those colorful woven cotton things that sometimes find their way into the shape of a pot holder for Gramma are often seen flying through the air when we are around. I got a lifetime supply from Wool Novelty, Inc. Call them and find out how to get a load shipped to you. Phone: 516-731-5380.

Beacon Street bits and pieces

People sometimes ask for copies or scripts of things they have seen us perform. In most cases, we are happy to supply something that you want to use again at your church or school. However, we like to give credit where credit is due, so please ask if you intend to publish or reprint things you request.

Here are a few grab bag items available as PDF downloads:

Prayers in the Classroom
A Penitential Litany
Beatitudes for People with Special Needs
Group Juggle
Number Puzzle
Number Puzzle Answers
Parts Blessing
Peace Round
Prayer Dialogue
Vow of Nonviolence

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